Before i post this i wanted to say i am not bragging, nor am i trying to make anyone feel like they are missing out this is purely for memories and if people would like to read they are more than welcome, i am very very lucky to receive what i did and i would like to thank my amazing family for everything they do for me though out the year and everything i got!

I bought these chocolates for myself because you have to treat yourself sometimes too. they are amazinggg! i can not get enough
I got these from my parents, yum i haven’t tried these yet but how good do they look!
Bad moms dvd i have been wanting to watch this since i first saw the advert i can not wait to get into it!
Yes i am 2 and no i don’t care lol i like things like this and it looks pretty funny
Like the above image
A camera bag for my new camera, what i am taking these picture from i don’t know if you can tell or not, i am still learning i have only ever had a digit camera or the one on the phone. + a memory card to go with it also that is huge because my family know me haha!
More chocolate lol, vanilla truffles look so good!
New pj’s, i was so pleased to get these as i am running out of them because i keep losing weight haha, i do buy my own clothes too but at the moment struggling to afford much
How cute is this money wallet?! i love it i am going to reuse it to store mini photo’s!
This is the camera i got from my brother, i am not going to lie i cried haha! i have been looking at this for a year and thought id never afford it.. you can also buy one here: Camera its in red/purple


What did you get for Xmas? Comment down below i’d love to know!

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