These are just some of the things that annoy the hell out of me!

can you relate?!


People who say get over it, if you suffer anxiety or a real fear. no its not as simple as that!

People who think its ok to cheat

People who mistreat animals

People who stand in the middle of the shopping lines and talk. (move!)

People who make them self out to be the victim when they have made that problem for them self! ah!

People not turning off lights or shutting doors after they open or turn them on!

People who keep arguing after they have been proven wrong. (Shush)


People who call you and let it go to voice mail then just don’t say anything!

People who talk though your programme

People who don’t type properly. (Like = Lyk) no!

People who dont have a clue what the child is up to or where they are.

People who say yolo NO!


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