First of all i am not pregnant. I am doing this as i have seen it around youtube and it looked fun to do and most have names they want to name a child already so why not?

So the boys will be in blue and the girls will be in pink 🙂


Leo – Now i love this name as it reminds me of a lion haha but something about it doesn’t sit right with me probably be nice for a middle name 

Casper – I loved this name as a kid and wanted to name my boy this name but now i am older i don’t like it as much anymore

Harry – I do like this name but i don’t feel like it would sit right with my name choices haha

Grace – I liked this name but gone off it now as it kind of reminds me a older lady no offence to anyone with this name that’s just what i think personally 

Pixie – I am not sure about this one i’d probably use it as a middle name but i gave this name to my dog at first but then i forgot her name haha dont hate me, but now i dont want to name my child as i may forget hahaha

Lilly – I wanted this name so bad at one time but now i don’t want to use it as much i feel like there are lots of lillys around 


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