So i am a 90’s child and i miss half the things i used to use or play with from my childhood. so here goes the things i miss.


Meg & Mog i adored these books, this would be one of the first books i would reach for!
This cartoon was so funny back in the day
Thinking you were a bad ass having these, they were weird though a piece of chocolate wrapped in some kind of strange paper.
I used to always run home and asking my parents for 10P to go and get some of these, and my local shop keeper used to sneak in a few extra’s for a few children haha
I don’t like white chocolate most of the time but these were amazingggg!
These pens that could erase the ink? who ever come up with these did not test it, all it did was smudge your writing and make your pages look horrible and it had a rank smell to it also!
OMG i only tried these once but i adored them and then they went off the shelves and never saw them since 😦
I used to have one of these and i found it again when i was around 16 with old dolls with no arms haha and it still worked! i used just right random stuff in this eg. crushes at the time, friends, numbers all sorts
These i didn’t know if i enjoyed them or not, they were nice but the white chocolate in the middle was a strange taste to me
I know these are still around but i don’t tend to buy these anymore but i still remember them and miss them, big chunk of chocolate on top of a biscuit
I had one of these years ago i had never seen them before and my bestie had bought some they were rather sickly but oh so good!
These are from my childhood i used to have one in my lunch every day probably wasnt the best with the amount of sugar but i used to love the mint ones yessss
These were random they kind of had a sponge on the end and once it clogged up you had to take the little top off to just even get some glue out the tube kind of pointless


i ate these like they were going out of season haha, i miss these and wish they would bring them back so good
These were kind of like twirls now but better
Lovely things!
Wispa was one of my favourite chocolate bars as a kid so when they come out with the mint ones obviously i was pretty dam pleased


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