I thought id write this post as i have seen a lot of others doing it but mostly because if you didn’t know i suffer from anxiety, and it is sometimes hard to find something happy in these dark hours of worry anyways this is what made me happy so this weekend/week 

This one seems a little obvious but family i have the most amazing family i could ever ask for yes they are moody and we have ago at each other but these last few days has been perfect

Pets – i adore my pets, they make me so happy and i wouldn’t know what i would do with out them by my side

Friends – I have amazing friends, this stands to my best friend mostly she is always there when i need her and she listens to me moan about stuff also helps me with my anxiety i mean you cant ask for much better than someone helping you deal with something rather than being on your own

Social media – Social media is good for something and bad for other but this week its been good in my eyes, i like the fact i can connect with people from anywhere in the world but mainly i like the people i talk to on a daily basis it keeps me sane and makes me smile

Last but not least Tv – i know this is a strange one but i have been re watching modern family for the 60th time this year haha yes i love it so much i cant stop but anyways tv is amazing when your bored and have nothing to do tv is always there to keep my mind from going on over drive.

What makes you happy? 

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3 thoughts on “♡.♡

  1. whatlikenext says:

    Nice article.
    Now to answer your question? What make me happy?
    It’s the feeling of contentment which I try to achieve by completing my work, helping someone in distress, creating new strategies to improve the existing models at work.. the list is endless.


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