So i am back with a review, i was kindly sent a box from the people over at vivadogs



Now my dog is a very fussy madame so i had to try her with a number of things

What did she get?

~ Powered liver farm assured, this is natural liver with vitamins i have not tried this with her yet as i don’t like mixing to much with her food but i will be sure to update you

~ Dehydrated nerve, this is a stuck that is a 100% natural bull nerve, made in Spain,  i didn’t know this at the time and being vegetarian i throw it to my mum because i found it rather rank lol, i don’t think my dog is a 100% sure on it but she keeps giving it the odd lick

~ Squeezz Jels, Kong toy the toy is shaped a way that it will not stop bouncing from one side to another it also squeaks which my dog loves so much anything noisy she will want it haha, it is a little big for her mouth but she loves knocking it around the house and be ideal for the garden, it is made from a non toxic material

~ Mediterranean meat treats – Fresh meat and rice and the other is gluten free raw ingredients, they are shaped like little bones they are super cute

~ Rollies – Made of meat, cereals and dairy products, she is not really into hard treats but she was interested in the meat inside so if we can break these up a little she will probably enjoy them more..

Overall i think she enjoys the toy more than anything else but i would recommend this box if you dog is into meaty, hard and small treats as well as toys this is perfect for you dog big or small it ranges from the prices of


This image is not mine, vivadog own this image and it is just for the purpose of the prices

I have a code for my readers, 50% off your first box!

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