Hello, i’m back again as you can see this is an updated bucket list i will admit my last bucket list didn’t have much on it but now there are quite a few i am not saying i’m going to do all these items but i am going to give a good good try

1,  See the eiffel tower

2, Have my dream job

3, Go to disney land/world

4, Get my driving license

5, Spend the night in a treehouse

6, Buy my first home

7, Complete a scrapbook

8, Start my own family

9, Get a tattoo

10, Have a beach bonfire

11, Donate blood

12, Give a homeless person a gift

13, Do a paint slip and slide

14, Have a silly string fight

15, Ride a horse on the beach

16, Have a picnic

17, Go to a spa

18, Own a nice camera

19, Learn sign language

20, Ride in a limo

21, Give a shelter pet a home

22, Get abs

23, Get a range rover

24, Try yoga

25, Buy a homeless person a meal

26, Have a mud fight

27, Ride a segway

28, Have a strong, fit body

29, Sleep on a trampoline

30, Get a tan

31, Finish a full adult colouring book

32, Walk in a room full of balloons

33, Visit san francisco

34, Sit on the roof

35, Wear a beauiful wedding dress

36, Find a good realtionship

37, Have a paint fight

38, Play mini golf

39, Race down a slide the big mulicoloured ones!

40, Do a tree top course

41, Make new friends

What’s on your bucket list?


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