Some will know, some wont but i don’t do favorites every month as something just don’t change monthly, sometimes ill buy something new, or find something new but not every month so here is my march favorites


Rice Krispies | I am loving these at the moment, they are fairly low in sugar and fat and i love the sound when you pour milk on because i clearly i am a child haha!
Bear Alpha Bites | I have tried the normal flavors but i defiantly prefer the chocolate flavor because who wouldn’t haha, these are fairly low in sugar and fat too.
Sugar Free Biscuits | I found these at tesco i am not sure if others sell these but i feel in love with them from the first time i bought them, i know they say sugar free but i try and not eat many but i could easily not reliese and eat the whole packet haha
Adult Coloring Book | I suffer anxiety and this helps me so so much, i have a little addiction to this i keep finding new books and buying them naughty lol
Pj’s | I love fluffy pants, they are so snug i have three different pairs but these are my favorites because they are adorable haha
High Top Trainers | I bought these ages ago from new look, and i am still in love with them, now the soft soles have worn down they are a little uncomfortable but i would defiantly buy them again!
Boots |  I wear these rain and shine as you can see the lines on them i wear them a lot id i am not wearing the others its these, they are soo cosy
Project life | I have a lot of catching up to do, but i am still loving this
Be Funky | Photo editor, my favorite
Youtube | I use youtuber everyday, i love watching  vlogs, crafting, and life video’s
Instagram | I am a very visual person so i love Instagram if you want to follow me simply type the name from the top in and you will find me, i also follow back
Skype | I never used skype at one time, but now i am never off it i log out before i go to sleep and i log in when i wake up again
One Pulse | I love this app so so much ”Free money” Yes i said free money, now some would claim it not being free but i feel like it is, you answer a few simple questions and you get around 20p for some questions once you build up you go to £5 and you can withdraw i have done this twice so it does work!


What are you’re favorites?

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