This day isn’t partially exciting but i thought id do this post as i like to see what others get up too!

So this morning started with me not in the best of moods at all, ive not been sleeping very well the last 3-4 days so lets say i was more of a grizzly bear than a happy bunny

then my day lead to the afternoon where i went to the hospital with my dad for his check up that appointment lasted around 30 mins quickest appoint in a hospital ever haha, then we headed to the O2 store this is where it went down hill we were sat in that store for nearly 2 hours, it wasn’t the people’s fault it was the computers that had gone down but when your sitting on hard chairs for nearly two hours with pms your not going to be happy, we had to leave it for today as they were due to shut very soon, we are going back again with hopefully more luck tomorrow but i did notice a homeless man and his dog sat in a corner next to the shopping center, i could see his was freezing and given his coat to his dog, now i know some are scammers after getting money but some are really homeless and sometimes you just have to take a chance and believe they are homeless anyways when i go back i am going to try and get him a hot meal and a coffee and his dog some food and water, a little gester could brighten his day a little and if i can help someone i will help someone!


The other day i also went to a lovely cafe, where we go a rather lot

There is this little store near the cafe and it has life size animals (not real) to put in your garden but i have seen all kinds of animals at this place and it is amazing! i love it

i decided to stop a few times on the way home and practice my photography skills, i must say i feel im getting better at this and want to sell some of my photos over time

and last of all there is a bakery around from the cafe too and they do some amazing cakes, mum decided to buy the whole family one of these, i mean they look amazing and was amazing but with it being pure chocolate it was very very sickly and i wouldn’t want one again i am afraid!

What do you think of my photo’s?

Would you be interested in more days or weeks in the life?

And what do you do in a average week or day?

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