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The rules

– Share 12 random facts about yourself.
– Answer the 12 questions.
– List 12 bloggers you want to do the tag. They can be anyone you want.
– Let the bloggers know you nominated them.

  1. I am a vegetarian
  2. I love festive times
  3. I love snow as long as its not here to long
  4. I wear boots though out winter and summer
  5. I don’t have the tradition dinner
  6. I hate sprouts, Whipped cream, And Jelly YUCK!
  7. I get my pets gifts because they are family too
  8. I love taking photos when i can
  9. I love spending the day in pj’s nothing better ❤
  10. I work out even on the big days i know crazy right
  11. I love the cold more than the hot
  12. And i want to see others do this tag also!

The questions

What are your favourite things about Winter?

My favorite things about winter are ~

  1. Its nice and chilly
  2. I can wear boots without getting strange looks haha
  3. I get to wrap up ❤
  4. I can get away with wearing my pj’s in the day because i can snuggle down
  5. Snuggles


What is your favourite Winter outfit?

Dark skinny jeans with riding boots, a thick, cosy jumper and a cape (I’m currently obsessed with a grey one from H&M my sister gave to me). I like dressing up as well – dresses and heels. Winter parties are always more glamorous.

What is your favourite Winter food?

My mum’s homemade chocolate logs ❤

Favourite Winter drink?

Hot Chocolate, i mean come on who doesn’t love chocolate

What is your dream way to spend a Winter’s day?

With family ❤

How do you like to do your make-up in the Winter?

I don’t really wear make up much anymore, sad times

What are you hoping Santa brings you?

Some project life products, yes i’m dying to jump on that bandwagon!

What are the first three things that remind you of Winter?

  1. Snow!
  2. Hot chocolate
  3. Days out and having to wrap up

What is your favourite Winter song?


What is your favourite Winter memory?

I don’t remember many to be honest everything seems fun

What is your favourite Winter scent?

Peppermint scent, i loveeee peppermint

Finish this sentence… If I could have one wish this Christmas it would be…

My friends and family to be happy, safe, and healthy. Oh, and stop worrying about everything!


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