~The lovely people over at pawsome box sent me another box to review these are my own options and are my honest answers~

~~ I’d also like to say the customer service  is amazing! they answer with in hours of emailing them if its on same day and they are very polite and friendly! ~~

What is this box for? 

This box is for dogs and cats filled with toys and treats ect. 

They currently have a Christmas box too.. defiantly worth a check out 🙂

~Pawsome Box ~

How do i know my pet will get what they need for them? 

The great thing about this company is they tailor make it for your dogs size, so on the site you have 

  • Tiny – under 5 kg
  • Small – Between 5 and 10 kg
  • Medium – Between 10 – 25 kg
  • Large – Over 25 kg

How much do these boxes cost? 

19.90 – Monthly

56.70 – 3 Months

170.40 – 6 Months

190.80 – 12 Months

Review time:

My dog has received two of these amazing boxes and i must say she loves some of the things and others she wont go near its all about tried and tested i guess anything she wont play with/eat or use will be donated to family/ friends/ or a shelter who are in need they never go to waste from my side.

Processed with VSCO

My dog is one of them if you go shopping she will snoop though the bags to see if there is anything for her haha so when she gets this box and she knows it hers, her little tail goes like crazy its adorable!

My dog personally is a soft toy kind of dog, she doesn’t really touch anything other than soft noisy toys (ah) lol.. so when she saw the dino toy in there she was on it as soon as the lid of the box opened she wanted it, of course i had to take the stickers and tags off always check your toys before handing them to your pet!

I personally love the box design and i am said to say i get more excited than the dog when i see this box, i think because its bright and i know something is exciting in the box for my dog..

You get a little booklet with these boxes also, but my image is sidewards i dont know how to turn it around sorry! i will still insert one though


She also got a fresh breath spray which like the dope i am i spilled all over my pants so i smelt like mint for the rest of the afternoon (not bad haha) but i haven’t tried this on her yet as i have just bought her some teeth wipes (nightmare ah!) but i will update when i can.


This was her favorite as i said before, infact shes sleeping next to it with he over 6 toys haha! anyone elses pet do that?

This toy i highly doubt she will even touch to be honest as i said she likes the soft toys shes never really been into rope kind of toys even as a puppy


Now this i cant work out if its real or not? haha my family think it is but i personally don’t i sure hope not because i had to pick it up and i am vegetarian and it turns my belly, i would never put my animals on a vegetarian diet as i don’t think its right but i also don’t like messing with things that come from animals.. but she had a little lick then left it so she will probably go back to it when shes bored like she does with other chews.



These she adores, they are one of her favorite treats if she had her own way she would have the whole bag in one go!!



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